Karate for Kids, Teens and Adults

KIDS PROGRAM. Open to kids 5-12 years old. Your child will have a great time in this unique program that teaches the principles of Martial Arts while having fun and making new friends. This is a structured program that gets the best out of each child. We understand that every child has different talents and challenges. Our Senseis (instructors) have a passion for making a differrence on every child's life and our community. Our program offers unlimited classes, we are open 4 days a week. Our Belts and Stripes Award System will keep your child motivated to keep coming and doing his/her best in each class.

TEENS & ADULTS PROGRAM. Be part of a great team of people with similar goals and challenges. Teens: learn effective self-defense techniques that will give you the confidence to be safe in all kinds of environments you have to face as you grow up and leave home to go to college.
Adults: learn practical self-defense, leave the stress out as you stay in shape and have a great time connecting with other adults. FREE INTRO CLASS!!!   CALL:845-493-0137
Attention Parents!!! Britos Martial Arts highly believes that parents who share the same passion for a specific sport/activity and do it together are most likely to develop a better parent-child relationship that will carry on forever. Tuition for parents of kids enrolled in any of our programs is ONLY $50. 
12 Furlong Road, Wingdale NY 12594
E-mail: britoskarate@gmail.com